Wuhan fights the "epidemic" and fights against the top of Thor Mountain!

Following the completion and handover of Vulcan Hill Hospital, Wuhan Raytheon Hill Hospital is also under rapid construction and is expected to be completed on February 5.

It is reported that the total construction area of Raytheon Mountain Hospital has expanded to about 60,000 square meters. Among them, the medical isolation area is about 51,000 square meters, and the number of hospital beds has increased to about 1600.


In the construction of the Raytheon Mountain Hospital at the forefront of the war in Wuhan, Jieerjie aerial work equipment provided free construction assistance to the hospital's new and expanded projects.

Time is tight and the task is urgent. Wuhan Raytheon Mountain Hospital has entered the stage of steel structure construction, and the Jieerjie Scissor Aerial Work Platform assists the construction personnel in performing high-altitude welding.

Our high-altitude vehicle people participated in the reconstruction of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, and the project schedule was urgent. The high-altitude vehicle equipment completed the construction task within 7 days and 7 nights. We appeared in every place that needed transformation, expansion and new construction.


The epidemic is command, and time is life.

We go all out and do not disgrace our mission!