Electric control system for AWP scissors

Model: HJ70

Application: electric control system for AWP??scissors

Case: In 2016, our company signed a supply agreement for a HJ70 handle with a AWP?vehicle manufacturer in Hunan. By the end of 2017, we had supplied more than 3,000 units in total. At this time, the customer requested provide all the connectors and the corresponding supplier information, and proposed that our company should be consistent with the wiring terminals and connectors. In the past two years, our company has shipped a total of nearly 10,000 pieces, and at the same time and before cooperation with this customer, the same products are purchased domestically made connectors and terminals. During this period, the terminal wiring has never been bad. However, in order to improve the cooperation between the product and the client, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance customer trust, our company has decided to meet customer requirements when the cost of parts has increased by more than ten times, and purchase customer-specific wiring terminals at the customer-designated supplier And connectors, and long-term purchase so far. Our company reduces production costs by increasing production efficiency. While improving product quality, it does not increase customer procurement costs. While serving customers, it is strongly endorsed by customers.