Service is the core competitiveness of CGEC:
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From January 1, 2020, all the joysticks of CGEC are entitled tofull life warranty

Era of value chain service, set an example again

CGEC's 'Lifetime Worry-Free Service Commitment' establishes a closed matrix covering the entire life cycle of equipment from service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost, and quality standards, and integrates all service behaviors before the purchase of the handle to the middle of the purchase and after the operation of the handle. A customer-oriented value chain creates a new value chain service era and sets an example.

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Benefits of using our service and support:

①Provide selection plan: the project manager recommends the most reasonable solution to you.

②Use the product for free: Customers can choose to try the product for free before buying.

③Product Demo: Demonstrate the features and advantages of Chengong products to solve application-related problems on site.

④Timely processing: most orders will be issued within 15 working days of receipt.

It is necessary to specify customization requirements when placing an order.

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